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Zombie Catchers: The Best Gadgets and Traps for Catching Zombies

Zombie Catchers is a free mobile action-adventure game developed by Two Men and a Dog. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, this game will have you hunt and catch zombies. However, unlike typical zombie games, you won't use your guns. Instead, you will use harpoons.

More than hunting zombies, Zombie Catchers also challenges you to run your business. Here, you will be making and selling smoothies. The ingredients, the zombies you caught. Of course, you can use the proceeds on better equipment, new weapons, and baits. Be warned, though: The game is prone to glitching and comes with lots of ads.

zombie catchers

Zombie Catchers offers a fun take on the usual zombie gameplay. While tons of zombie games use the undead as predators, here, they are the prey. It stars two intergalactic businessmen named A.J. and Bud, who hunt zombies and use them as raw materials for the food they sell in their restaurant. In their clandestine laboratory, they squeeze their prey to make juices, candies, and dishes.

There are two missions in the game. On the one hand, you will manage your business. On the other, you will look for the ingredients of your recipe, which are zombies. For this, go to the map and send drones to find them. Once you mark an area, you can hunt them using your traps and harpoons. You can also bait them by throwing brains at them.

Overall, Zombie Catchers is an entertaining casual game that brings a refreshing twist to the zombie genre. The gameplay is simple and very original. The graphics are also eye-catching. However, the missions for every level are too easy to complete. Moreover, there aren't that many stages offered. The app is also prone to glitches, and there are too many ads to the game.

I noticed that Zombie Catchers does not have popup ads whatsoever and the video ads are opt-in to search for zombies. I check my Adguard app today and notice there are thousands more ads blocked and they all came from Zombie Catchers. What the hell is the app doing in the background while you play?

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In Zombie Catchers, players take control over the adventures of A.J. and Bud, two intergalactic entrepreneurs on a mission to rid the world from a dreadful zombie infestation. Using an arsenal of the gadgets and weapons, the players must hunt for zombies, while building and managing a profitable base of operations. The game is free to play with optional in-app purchases.

"We started Two Men and a Dog with the goal of making games that put fun first," explains Matti Kallonen, cofounder and Chief Executive Officer at Two Men and a Dog. "With Zombie Catchers, we wanted to put our unique touch on the zombie genre and create something thoroughly original with gameplay mechanics that are simply fun."

Zombie Catchers is a fun and action game where people are no more afraid of zombies. This game takes you far away from being afraid and you are now zombie hunter. You have your very own business which you customers do not know. You are a zombie hunter and you can catch zombies. You can kill zombies and make dessert and drinks from them.

People like dessert and drinks made of zombies but they actually do not know that they are taking desserts and drinks made of zombies. There are so many special and fun tasks to do in this game. Zombies will never get you bore and you can play this game for hours with lots of fun and entertainment. Catch zombies without harming them with the help of advance traps and tranquilizers. You can buy different traps and items to catch zombies.

Zombie Catchers game features lots of cool and great weapons. Weapons are necessary for your protection because some zombies will throw plates and other items on you. You have to be more careful while catching zombies because once they find out that you are here, they will not eat you but they will run away from you. Catch zombies with weapons and awesome traps. There are so many awesome traps available such as nets, weapons, guns, traps and jetpacks to catch zombies and completing quests. Catch normal and special zombies in the game.

You cannot only catch zombies but also can create desserts and other drinks from zombies. You own a business where people come in your cafe and order drinks and desserts. Catch zombies and cook them to make dessert and drinks for your customers. Your customers do not know about this business but they love your dessert and drinks. Build food business and make candies, snacks and other eating items from zombies. Upgrade your protection line to earn more profit by catching zombies and selling your desserts. Find new recipes and make different snacks from zombies.

There are so many awesome locations and hideout in the game. Some special zombie species are hidden in that places. Explore different territories and find special zombies to catch. Catch special zombies and convert them into lucrative and tasty food product. Special items and desserts can only be made with special zombies. You can even dispatch your drones to different locations because drones will help you to find out more locations and zombies. There are plenty of ways which you can use to catch awesome zombies. Create awesome snacks from awesome and special zombies.

You need to upgrade your guns and traps because some special and awesome zombies are fast and smart. They can escape from you within seconds but if your weapons and traps are upgraded, then you can catch any zombie with your strategy. Find Boss Zombies in game and catch them with your upgraded guns and traps. Develop and sharpen your skills to rank higher in your league. Catch as much zombies as you can to increase your business.

Zombie Catchers is an offline game and you can easily play it without internet connection. There are tons of features available in game. The story and gameplay is so much fun. There are different challenges available in game which you can complete and get valuable rewards. Build and manage your underground lab where you can convert zombies into different candies and snacks. This game is completely free to download and play on any android device. Download now and start catching zombies.

This is a cartoon zombie game that will expose your child to some mild violence and mature themes. The object is to catch zombies with a harpoon and use for fresh squeezed zombie juice. The graphics are cartoony and no blood or gore is depicted. Parents should know if a child under 12 has this app on their device.

Most of the levels are dull and repetitive. Oftentimes, you are on the same map, with the same layout, shooting the same zombies, with the same harpoon gun. You catch zombies and turn them into snacks, nothing more. It is simple, but sometimes the repetition can also be reassuring. I am terrible at the game, but the redundancy helps me focus on what I need to do in order to improve my zombie-catching skills without worrying about more complicated challenges getting thrown my way. A lot of people think having a hobby means you have to be good at it, and honestly, while I am terrible at this game, I still enjoy it. Oftentimes, 99% of the zombies run away before I can catch them, or I accidentally bump into a bird and get knocked out and it is just an entire trainwreck, but it is amusing to laugh at myself.

In terms of game design, the zombies are really cute. The 2D graphics are something a thirteen-year-old kid would draw on the sidelines of their notes, and yet, these doodles are very well thought out. They are just very adorable and small; I do not know how else to describe them.

Zombie Catchers is a new side scrolling zombie hunting game for the iOS platform. You run a business which squeezes zombies in order to make juice, so your goal, of course, is to bait them with brains, and then harpoon them in order to catch them and make juice, and collect coins and plutonium. Read on for some tips and tricks for Zombie Catchers!

Wanna complete all of your zombie juice right away, or make it so that you can play a stage again right away without having to wait for the cooldown time to finish? Go to the date and time settings on your phone and set the time ahead by whatever the longest task that you need to finish is. When you go back to the game it will be complete, so your juice will be done and you can play again.

Charge your shot before firing at the very first zombie. This is especially important to do on any swamp with more than one zombie, as you can harpoon more than one zombie at the same time with a charged shot. Plus if you are facing off against an armored zombie, then they will take more damage from a charged shot.

In the future, zombies invade our beaches and our swamps (noo! Our precious swamps!). That's the bad news. Here's the good news: zombie goo is edible, even though it tends to taste like "blueberries with a hint of battery acid." Here's the better news: two intergalactic businessmen, AJ and Bud, are willing to catch and squeeze zombies for their delicious inner-juices.

The zombies don't sit around and let themselves get caught, though. They're brainless, but not dumb. Low-level zombies simply run away and make themselves harder to catch, but higher-level zombies armor themselves with barrels and trashcans. Some even wield weapons that can seriously trip the player up. If a zombie escapes into the underbrush, they can't be caught and that's potential profit down the drain.

Captured zombies feature in the business-based half of the game. They're squeezed by machines to become delicious confectionaries slurped down by the living. Zombies are "juiced" over a period of time. Higher-level zombies yield more product and more money, and money goes back into upgrading AJ and Bud's equipment - thus allowing for more profits down the line.

Zombie Catchers doesn't subscribe to the industry's worst free-to-play practices by far, but getting shut out really puts a damper on things, since a single hunt only lasts a couple of minutes (at best). It'd be so much nicer to be able to hunt zombies wherever, whenever.


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