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Inspired Inspiring Leadership Group formerly known as IIDYL  is a platform designed to connect mentees with passionate mentors who will encourage them to set high goals in education. Mentors will urge mentees to adhere to a high moral code, seek guidance, share opinions, and voice concerns. Topics such as resilience, self-improvement, positive uses for social media, and leadership qualities will be addressed. 

If you would like to join our mentoring program you may register today.



"IIDYL End of Year Celebration"

In June of 2022 we celebrated our young ladies who showed an interest and participated in the Inspirational Innovative Distinguished youth Leaders mentor program.

Congratulations to Amari White and Kaileah Sanders on their graduation from Smithfield Selma Senior high school.


"Design In Me"

Designed and created by Alginelle Sanders, "Design in Me 2022" invited the community out for a day of fellowship and empowerment. Everyone was encouraged to see the beauty within themselves and express it through art.

Special thanks to Mrs. Teedgra Ellis

2020 grda.jpg


"Graduation Celebration"

Hosted by Tina Smith, the 2020 graduation celebration was designed to encourage these young high school graduates to establish their own standard for success and press toward it.


"Call to Change Brunch"

Hosted by Karmen Ryals the "Call to Change Brunch" was designed to urge young ladies to be aware of the benefits of being saved.


If you would like to join our mentoring program you may register today.

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