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Download GoTo Platforms and Sign in to Join Online Meetings

How to Download and Install GoTo Apps for Your Business Needs

GoTo is a trusted suite of secure applications that can help you run your business virtually, from anywhere. Whether you need a phone system, video conferencing, webinars, or IT support, you can find all of GoTo's apps right here. In this article, we will show you how to download and install GoTo apps for different devices, and how to sign in and use them effectively.

What is GoTo and Why You Need It

GoTo is a brand of LogMeIn, a leading provider of cloud-based solutions for remote work. GoTo offers four main products that can help you communicate, collaborate, and connect with your customers, partners, and employees.

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GoTo Connect: A Unified Communication Solution

GoTo Connect combines VoIP, phones, video conferencing, text, and chat into one simple solution. You can make and receive calls from any device, host online meetings with up to 250 participants, send messages and files, and manage your phone system from a single dashboard. GoTo Connect is easy to set up, use, and scale for your business needs.

GoTo Meeting: A Professional Online Meeting Platform

GoTo Meeting is a fast, easy, and reliable way to host online meetings with anyone, anywhere. You can share your screen, use HD video and audio, record your sessions, and integrate with popular apps like Outlook, Gmail, Slack, and more. GoTo Meeting also offers features like breakout rooms, polls, handouts, and transcriptions to make your meetings more engaging and productive.

GoTo Webinar: A Powerful Virtual Event Tool

GoTo Webinar is a platform that allows you to host engaging online events for marketing, training, communications, and more. You can create custom landing pages, registration forms, email reminders, and surveys for your attendees. You can also use interactive tools like polls, Q&A, chat, and live streaming to boost your audience engagement. Plus, you can track and analyze your event performance with detailed reports and analytics.

GoTo Resolve: A Simple IT Support Software

GoTo Resolve is a software that helps you provide fast and efficient IT support to your customers and employees. You can remotely access any device, troubleshoot issues, transfer files, chat with users, and automate tasks. You can also monitor the health and performance of your devices, networks, servers, and applications from a single dashboard. GoTo Resolve is designed for the ways your teams work today.

How to Download and Install GoTo Apps for Different Devices

To use GoTo apps, you need to have an account for each product. If you don't have one yet, you can sign up for a free trial or a paid plan on the [GoTo website](^2^). Once you have an account, you can download and install the apps for your desktop or mobile devices Desktop App for Mac and Windows

The desktop app allows you to access all of GoTo's products from one place. You can switch between different apps, join or host meetings, make or receive calls, and more. The desktop app also gives you access to advanced features like cloud recording, transcription, and keyboard shortcuts. To download and install the desktop app for Mac or Windows, follow these steps:

  • Go to the [GoTo website] and sign in with your GoTo credentials.

  • Click on your profile icon in the top-right corner and select Download Apps.

  • Choose the GoTo app you want to download and click Download.

  • Open the downloaded file and follow the instructions to install the app on your device.

  • Launch the app and sign in with your GoTo credentials.

The desktop app supports the following GoTo products:

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