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No Words

I read once that the ancient Egyptians had fifty words for sand & the Inuit had a hundred words for snow. I wish I had a thousand words for love, but all that comes to mind is the way you move against me while you sleep & there are no words for that.

No Words


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Raising a child who is unable to communicate has been one of the most challenging parts about autism. It is not simply just the fact that he is non-verbal but, at this time in his life, he remains unable to communicate. Even though we have shed countless tears together through our frustrations of not being able to communicate, Trenton has taught me that love needs no words.

Even though his words are limited and his ability to communicate through any other method is also limited, he has been the greatest teacher that I have ever had. He has taught me a lot about love, acceptance, courage, strength, patience, determination, perseverance and many other things in life.

I have learned through Trenton that there is much more in life than words spoken from our mouth. Trenton speaks volumes daily through his actions. Sometimes I have to dig deep to figure out what he is doing or what he is trying to relay to me. On some days it is not easy to figure out what he wants. I have gone into meltdowns myself trying to figure out what he wants because I was having a difficult time trying to figure it out. The anxiety that builds up in me when I am trying to figure it out before he reaches his climax and goes into a meltdown is very nerve-racking. I am sure most parents of a non-verbal child with autism know exactly what I am talking about.

So, to the parents of non-verbal children out there, I understand your pain and struggle. I know the numerous tears you have shed for your child and with your child. The highway we travel on this journey in life is a tad bit difficult. However, the joy our children bring to us is magical. We can communicate with our child with no words at all. If you are like me, you have learned every sound that your child makes and you know exactly what he wants from that sound.

Cultures without numbers, or with only one or two precise numbers, include the Munduruku and Pirahã in Amazonia. Researchers have also studied some adults in Nicaragua who were never taught number words.

Prior to being spoon-fed number words, children can only approximately discriminate quantities beyond three. We must be handed the cognitive tools of numbers before we can consistently and easily recognize higher quantities.

Perhaps its the just being there that speaks louder than words in times like these. When there is nothing to say, sometimes saying nothing and just being is saying more than you could ever imagine. 041b061a72


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