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Watch Panda's Amazing AWM Gameplay in PUBG Mobile

Panda PUBG Mobile: Everything You Need to Know About the Professional Mobile Gamer

If you are a fan of PUBG Mobile, you have probably heard of Panda, one of the most popular and skilled players in the world. But who is Panda, and how did he become a professional mobile gamer? In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Panda, his background, his gaming career, his YouTube channel, and his tips and tricks for playing PUBG Mobile like a pro.

Who is Panda?

Panda is the online alias of Tobias Näslund, a 23-year-old Swedish mobile gamer who specializes in PUBG Mobile. He is widely regarded as one of the best players in the game, with over 12 million subscribers on YouTube and millions of followers on other social media platforms. He is also a member of the Nova Esports team, which competes in various PUBG Mobile tournaments and events.

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Panda's background and personal life

Panda was born on June 22, 1998, in Sweden. He grew up playing video games on different platforms, such as PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo. He started playing mobile games when he was 15 years old, and he was instantly hooked by the convenience and accessibility of gaming on his phone. He also enjoyed playing sports, such as soccer and hockey, in his spare time.

Panda is currently living in Stockholm, Sweden, with his girlfriend and their dog. He likes to travel around the world and meet his fans and fellow gamers. He also likes to watch movies, listen to music, and eat pizza.

Panda's gaming career and achievements

Panda started playing PUBG Mobile in 2018, when the game was first released globally. He quickly fell in love with the game's realistic graphics, intense action, and strategic gameplay. He decided to create a YouTube channel to share his gameplay videos with other players. His channel grew rapidly as he showcased his amazing skills, such as sniping, driving, parachuting, and surviving.

Panda has achieved many milestones in his gaming career, such as reaching the highest rank of Conqueror in multiple seasons, breaking world records for kills and damage, winning several solo vs squad matches, and collaborating with other famous gamers, such as MortaL, Levinho, Dynamo Gaming, Sevou, Athena Gaming, Biu Biu, Powerbang Gaming, and more.

Panda has also participated in many PUBG Mobile tournaments and events, both online and offline. He has won several championships and awards, such as the PMCO Spring Split Global Finals 2019 (first place), the PMCO Fall Split Global Finals 2019 (second place), the PMGC Season Zero Finals 2020 (third place), the PMGC Season Zero League Stage 2020 (MVP), the PMWL West Season Zero Finals 2020 (MVP), the PMWL West Season Zero League Stage 2020 (MVP), the PMCO Europe Finals 2020 (MVP), and more.

Panda's YouTube channel and social media presence

Panda's YouTube channel is one of the most popular and successful channels in the mobile gaming community. He has over 12 million subscribers and over 2 billion views on his videos. He uploads daily videos of his PUBG Mobile gameplay, featuring highlights, montages, challenges, tips, tricks, updates, reviews, reactions, collaborations, live streams, and more. He also interacts with his fans through comments, polls, Q&A sessions, giveaways, and fan meetups.Panda is also very active on other social media platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Discord, and TikTok. He has millions of followers and fans who support him and his content. He often posts behind-the-scenes photos and videos, personal updates, announcements, teasers, memes, and more. He also engages with his audience through likes, comments, messages, stories, live chats, and more.

What is PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile is a multiplayer online battle royale game developed by Tencent Games and PUBG Corporation. It is based on the original PC game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG), which was created by Brendan Greene. PUBG Mobile was released globally in March 2018 for Android and iOS devices.

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PUBG Mobile's gameplay and features

PUBG Mobile's gameplay is similar to the PC version, but with some modifications and optimizations for mobile devices. The game involves up to 100 players who parachute onto an island and scavenge for weapons, equipment, vehicles, and supplies. The players have to fight each other until only one player or team remains alive. The game also features a shrinking safe zone that forces the players to move closer to each other and avoid being eliminated by the blue zone.

PUBG Mobile offers various modes and maps for different preferences and play styles. Some of the modes include Classic Mode (the original battle royale mode), Arcade Mode (shorter and faster matches with different rules), EvoGround Mode (special modes with unique features and mechanics), Arena Mode (close-quarters combat with guns only), and Metro Royale Mode (a collaboration with the Metro Exodus game). Some of the maps include Erangel (a Russian-themed map with diverse terrain and weather), Miramar (a desert-themed map with large open spaces and urban areas), Sanhok (a jungle-themed map with dense vegetation and rivers), Vikendi (a snow-themed map with icy landscapes and a train), Livik (a Nordic-themed map with waterfalls and volcanoes), and Karakin (a rocky island map with destructible buildings and a sticky bomb).

PUBG Mobile's popularity and community

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular and successful mobile games in the world. It has over 1 billion downloads on Google Play Store and App Store, and over 50 million daily active users. It has also won several awards and accolades, such as the Google Play Best Game of 2018, the Google Play Fan Favorite Game of 2018, the Golden Joystick Mobile Game of the Year 2018, the Esports Mobile Game of the Year 2019, the Esports Mobile Game of the Year 2020, and more.