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ali, im a man of meger knowledge to say the least, i've been glued to cnn around the clock literally since the earthquake, i hear truth and lies or cover ups the world is scrambling for the truth and cnn has been covering better than any1 else, bravo literally, we need it as a species.My comment being 1) why is there so much allowable cover up when more than Japan is at risk here, Japan is yes a devastation, yes great sorrow for the Japanese people, but far more is at risk we just dont know2) why as far as nuclear power r we getting side tracked on a 1 lane highway so to speak, nuclear power has more output with less geography needed true more versatile more power over more time as well, down side a 10 mile strip of solar panels or and wind generators dont potentially pollute the next county or close neighboring country when they stop working properly 3) why not argue of a multiple safe guard combination being put reactors zoned to areas of distance from possible cities towns etc. and solar wind combined projects closer to the public 4) why argue it has to be only 1 as if that's the only way, why is the reality of the human element the largest deciding factor, always seems to be who can argue best gets the money pot, the human element is always left to suffer possibly at some point 5) these nuclear reactors in Japan from day 1 have had nothing but salt water pumped on them, if salt water is the last resort for a hazard like now well we've been at the last resort from day 1 and we use words like ok and hope for better, not that bad, if the house next door was burning down and the only way to stop all other from suffering was to bury the burning house then somebody bury it stop throwing useless water on it when everyone is going to suffer, weve been at last resort since day 1 we cant save them come on some body wake up and drop the sand and concrete on this and stop willingly polluting the poor Japanese population and possible everyone else, when human populations are to suffer why does anybody stop and put a dollar cost on human life, where is the humanity in all this useless arguing, someone just do what we know will stop it

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I wouldn't be against the nuclear energy itself if it wasn't advocated from corporations (and their lobbyists) that always reassured about the safe state of the nuclear energy production without assuming a responsible and honest position about improving significantly the safety of such production. Companies that deal with dangerous economic activities should stop considering the possible damages as collateral factor that can be acceptable when compared to the prospective of huge profits. People deserve more respect!In addition I would like to know why the companies never seriously start working on the cold nuclear fusion. In Europe there have been very encouraging studies in that respect but they have not led to any further step because of "political will" even if EDF (Electricite' de France) has used them to conduct secret further research. I think that the potential of such technology should be seriously explored in an independent way especially because people deserve to know the interests really involved when it comes to energy.

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Hi there! This post could not be written any better! Reading through this post reminds me of my previous room mate! He always kept chatting about this. I will forward this article to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thank you for sharing! 041b061a72


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