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Get Disco Vibes

I wanted to do a little disco roller skating theme for my babies. Plus, I thought it would be a fun excuse for them to dress up and play, since it is also near Halloween! My son dressed up with Jerry curl style hair, along with tight shorts, knee high socks, and some old school new balance shoes. Of course, he also wore some wrist and head bands. The girls wore cute glitter stockings from the Day Dream Republic.

Get Disco Vibes

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Drawing you in with millions of flickering reflections from dozens of glitzy disco balls, guests may find it hard to leave without feeling mesmerized, curious, and surprisingly tranquil. The eye-grabbing reflections completely transform the dimly lit space, presenting visitors the perfect opportunity to feel immersed and transported into an abstracted plane built from light!

Socialista is a Cuban-inspired spot that offers food, signature drinks, and a good time. The interior looks like a saloon from 1940s Havana, thanks to their plush seating, exotically patterned floor and walls, and overall colonial vibes. This spot is on the more laidback side but it definitely has its own nighttime atmosphere.

In terms of disco balls and state-of-the-art lighting systems, Le Bain is one of our favorite spots on this list. It sits at the top of The Standard hotel and offers picturesque views of the city while you dance. We suggest going during their sunset parties and drinking one of their signature cocktails!

The style of this photoshoot was first inspired by the crystal blue waters + epic views of Lake Tahoe, California. What first started as a simple beach elopement quickly escalated into a vintage, disco dream! We found the most perfect abandoned lifeguard stand which acted as the canvas for this fun and colorful design. We started with the most epic dried floral installation, and added a few disco balls and a velvet captain hat custom designed by Glitz Girls UK. Then, last minute, we threw in a thrifted stereo and grabbed a bottle of Don Julio (in the color palette of course). From there, we took over the lifeguard stand and made magic!

Once we locked down our venue the hunt for the dress was on. I entertained what felt like a 100 options, trying on dresses in NY, New Jersey, LA and even hunted down a discontinued Rue De Seine dress in Poland and overnighted it to Portugal when I was there on a shoot for work.

We wanted to build on the natural beauty of La Brisa while bringing a little touch of New York to the evening. White table cloths settings were effortlessly complemented with a canopy of sparkling fairy lights, disco balls, and raffia shades and rattan chandeliers.

After the fire dancer spectacular we began the tropical disco, a suspended disco ball above the dance floor reflected the lights across the beach and the sea while the disco tunes got everyone moving. Towards the end of the night the inevitable happened, the dance party became a pool party as half the guests stripped down and jumped in, some guests even engaged in an impromptu synchronized swimming routine which was actually quite impressive. I remember Tim and hand in hand, lying face up in the pool looking at the night sky and palm trees swaying to the music it was so surreal. Before we knew it the night was over but the memories that will last a lifetime.

The rule holds true, now more than ever, that disco and funk music help us experience joy despite the traumas and heartaches the world continues to throw our way. Let's celebrate the hard work and dedication this month's artists have given to music and the world!

Lizzo's "About Damn Time" original version was already lush with disco vibes, so it only made sense to let Purple Disco Machine have a crack at the remix. Tino Piontek aka PDM pulls the disco thread that was begging to be stretched out and marries the modern disco vibe with some classic sounds to create the perfect version of this song. I suspect you will be hearing this at all of your summer parties!

"Get Up Girl!" takes off like a car peeling out and you had better just hold on for the ride! Rome-based Fabio Villanis has leaned a little more nu-disco on this jam and it is hot and ready to be played at all of your summer events!

Roosevelt and Nile Rodgers spent the last two years working remotely via phone calls and email (old school) to create the basic structure of "Passion" and ultimately met in Los Angeles to complete the final version of this breezy nu-disco track. Rogers's signature sound is all over the track, but this still has the classic Roosevelt sound we've come to love over the last decade. This is a great example of when meeting your heroes is a good thing!

Kano came back with their first album in 30 years in 2021. It was a classic Italo Disco experience through and through. Enter Dr Packer, one of Australia's finest disco DJ/producers with his remix of "Unconditional Lover". Stripped away is a bit of the Italo in favor of a classic disco feel. This version is perfect for all of your summertime listening!

The Niceguys' "Thrill" is an excellent track in all of its versions, but Shaka Loves You have added the disco gloss that we expect here on the disco/funk chart! Leo Napier's vocals are smooth and sexy, the rhythm guitars keep the pace going strong, and that bass keeps the funk moving and grooving! Try not to be thrilled with this remix!

Whether Mark Lower is producing music under his own professional name or as Barry & Gibbs, you can be guaranteed to get a ridiculously hot disco track! "Magnifique" is just that, magnificent! The lyrics are cheeky and fun, wrapped in a soundscape that is pure disco. Turn on the disco ball and let's dance!

We in the disco community can always count on Igor Gonya to produce top-notch disco tracks, and "Mirdza's Love" fits right in that category. This has a breezy summer vibe that fits perfectly on the beach or on the dancefloor. With each additional instrument, the song gets sexier and sexier. Very spicy indeed!

DisTurn aka Stephen Strachan is making his first appearance on this chart with his remix of COIN's indie-pop track "Chapstick". There were hints of funk in the original track, but DisTurn's addition of funk-style bass, rhythm guitar, and some nu-disco synths turn this track into a funky little jam. I can't wait to hear more from this producer!

As always, remember that this is a sampling of the incredible amount of disco and funk music that is in the world right now, so do yourself a favor and explore your favorite streaming services to hear more of this brilliant music! You will be so glad you did!

For years, disco was the black sheep of music genres. Characterized as schmaltzy and over the top, the sound of polyester suits, platform shoes, and strobe lights. With this iteration of the dance genre in our minds, it was easy to understand how and why the genre met a swift end 40 years ago.

Disco allowed for a freedom of identity not seen before in popular culture. Androgyny, fluid and open sexuality, excess and camp. The more outrageous, the better, if that was your thing. Only in disco could an openly gay, COGIC-raised black man like Sylvester transcend from drag shows to superstardom.

Roller disco and a silent disco were merged together to create one unforgettable event experience. With a retro arcade, a throwback roller rink, and an entrance lined with 1970s music legends, this party would make moguls from Diana Ross to the Bee Gees proud.

The addition of disco balls to an array of sophisticated chandeliers was exactly the party element this rustic-chic wedding needed. With spherical reflections jumping across the dance floor, no guest could resist getting up to boogie.

Droga5 turned disco into an on-brand disc5 for their annual company holiday event. We love their unique take on the popular party theme, with disco balls arranged into throw pillows, the addition of gold disco balls above the dance floor, and the eclectic furniture placed throughout the party.

Everyone will turn into a dancing queen at a celebration like this. Pampas grass and marquee signage met illuminating disco décor to create the most glamourous, Studio 54-chic party New York City has seen since 1978. 041b061a72


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