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[S3E11] Knocked Down

Afterwards, Intelligence searches for Tawney and Spence. Tawney is caught easily by Dawson while Spence runs but is caught after good chase. Once the duo are arrested, Spence tells them Tawney was the mastermind of the robberies. Confronting Tawney, Erin questions her on how she could allow those girls to suffer. Unremorseful, Tawney only replies by spitting in her face. Enraged by this, Erin punches Tawney in the face, nearly knocking her down. The team quickly grab Erin and take Tawney away, while Erin defends her act by cursing the criminal.

[S3E11] Knocked Down

Alice waits for her toast to pop whilst listening to sad music. Malika cries as she walks into the kitchen. Davia is solemn and crying as she gets her breakfast. Mariana sits down with her coffee, also sad. Kelly asks who died and the four sitting girls begin to cry while Kelly worries that Dennis it was Dennis, but the girls protest. None of them want to talk about it. Callie walks in happy and chipper which makes everyone sob.

Later, Sunny (Reba McEntire) runs into Buck as she is coming home. She was out all night, held captive by Tonya (Jamie-Lynn Sigler) and Donno (Ryan O'Nan) after Paige disappeared. They have a tense exchange, clearly not trusting each other. Buck says he has to take care of something then they'll sit down and have a long talk.

After Hoyt gets medical attention, Pops (J. Anthony Pena), Cassie, Arlen (Jensen Ackles) and Hoyt track down her mother's partner in crime, which leads them to a deceptively tranquil looking farmstead. The property looks undeveloped except for a small cottage. Cassie and Hoyt knock at the cottage door to find the owner of the property, Anne Whitlow (Jayne Taini). She seems like a friendly old lady, but that's an act.

Bruce (David Mazouz) and Alfred (Sean Pertwee) receive news that Volk has been killed by an assassin sent by the Court of Owls and have to decide if they can still trust the Whisper Gang. The Court knows or will find out soon, that Bruce is not going to keep his end of the deal, and Bruce has to decide if bringing down the Court is worth the risk. To Bruce, the answer is an easy one: yes, without hesitation.

Delphine tries and fails to kill Marie with a Benadryl-laced French 75. Spalding steps out and hits Marie in the head with his doll, knocking her down the stairs. He tells Delphine she was the only one he could trick into helping him and suggests that she bury Marie in a way that she cannot ever escape, as Marie is immortal and cannot be killed. He goes back to play with Marie's stolen baby.

Nayrok returns and asks for Picard's help: an Angosian prisoner has escaped from a penal colony, Lunar V, in a stolen transport vessel. Angosian security forces are trying to track him down, but, frankly, are not very well-trained or equipped. With Picard's agreement, Riker signals the USS Enterprise-D with his combadge, where Data is currently in command. The ship's sensors locate the subwarp vessel with little difficulty, but as soon as they begin pursuit, the transport ship ducks behind a nearby asteroid and jettisons its drive section, which is devoid of life readings.

The pod is still devoid of life readings, but Picard orders Miles O'Brien to beam the contents of the pod aboard as Worf and Riker head down to the transporter room to meet the prisoner. O'Brien detects a weapon in the transporter beam and deactivates it, before completing the transport with a two-man security team standing by. When Danar refuses to surrender, he is shot twice with phasers set on stun, which have no effect on him, and he overpowers O'Brien and the security team. The fight takes Danar out into the corridor, but before he can get further, Riker and Worf are able to subdue and capture him.

Picard confers with Nayrok, who says that Danar is putting an undeservedly harsh spin on the truth. The soldiers had trouble readjusting to normal life, so the government resettled them to a "colony" on Lunar V. Nayrok assures Picard that the Angosians went to great lengths to give the "colonists" a comfortable way of life, and it was only later, after the agitations of a few men like Danar, that they were forced to add security measures and convert the soldiers' "colony" into a prison. Picard asks if the resettlement was of the soldiers' own choosing, and whether the government ever explored the possibility of reversing the soldiers' conditioning. Nayrok curtly replies that the Federation is "treading on matters of internal security," and cuts off the transmission after thanking the Enterprise for its help. Picard closes down his own terminal with an expression of deep disgust, his good opinion of the Angosians and their Prime Minister extinguished.

The Enterprise readies Danar for transport, and knowing how intelligent Danar is, Worf has calibrated the transporter beam to activate 0.1 seconds after the cell's force field is shut down, too fast even for Danar. During the attempted transport from the Enterprise's brig to the Angosian police transport vessel, Danar literally breaks out of the transporter beam, causing an explosion of energy within the cell that momentarily blinds Worf and Troi. When they come around, Danar has disappeared, and a phaser is missing.

As with the initial pursuit in space, Danar's cunning and resourcefulness are on full display during the chase through the Enterprise's interior. Since the internal sensors cannot track Danar's life signs, they can only follow his movements by activity on the various ship systems he accesses or tampers with. Knowing this, Picard orders General quarters sounded, force fields raised on Decks 34-36, and the power to the transporters and turbolifts shut down.

Riker tells Data to reactivate the turbolifts, to trap Danar if he tries to use them. When a turbolift is engaged, the bridge diverts it to where Worf and a security team is waiting. But when the doors open, instead of Danar, they find a phaser on the floor of the turbolift set on overload. Seeing it, Worf orders the deck sealed off and rushes over to disable it barely in time. Meanwhile, back on Deck 36, Danar knocks out a security guard and uses his combadge to order a force field shut down. Reading the shutdown, Data realizes Danar is headed for Engineering.

Riker tries to warn La Forge, but Danar has knocked him and the rest of the engineering crew unconscious in a matter of seconds. Danar then opens an access panel and begins rerouting ship functions through the isolinear chips. Data tries to stall Danar, undoing each override while allowing Danar to believe he is succeeding, but finds Danar to be incredibly adept; despite Data's best efforts, Danar manages to restore power to Shuttlebay 2. To avoid the sealed hallways, he crawls through the core reactor and enters a Jefferies tube. He places another of his captured phasers into a power conduit and sets it to overload.

In a corner of the cargo bay, Danar smiles, and emerges from hiding, leaving behind the pressure suit (which he only needed to protect himself from the gas). But Worf, having out-thought the Angosian for once, emerges from hiding, aiming his phaser. He congratulates Danar for his extreme cunning, remarking that he must have Klingon blood, but orders him to surrender, telling him the battle is over. Danar responds that his battle is never over. At that moment, the phaser in the Jefferies tube explodes, shutting down the lights in the cargo bay. That brief distraction is all Danar needs to tackle Worf and knock him unconscious after a brief struggle. Using his phaser to power the transporter, Danar successfully beams himself onto the Angosian police shuttle and takes its pilots hostage. With the Enterprise external sensors disabled by the explosion, it has no way to track him, and Danar has made a clean getaway.

Elizabeth has been taken by Keller, who is demanding the treasure. Peter finds out that Neal has it but by the time they get to the storage unit Mozzie has taken everything. No knownaliasis of Mozzie have shown up, Peter and Neal deduce that he is still here. Mozzie helps Peter and Neal to try and take down Keller. Grant, the person keeping an eye on Elizabeth, has been bitten by Satchmo. El convinces Grant that his bite is infected. While he is gone she uses her wedding ring to carve an X on the fire escape window. She repeatedly bangs the window with a chair until it is broken. Meanwhile, the plan to transport the treasure falls apart when Keller knocks out Neal. He wakes up and finds himself inside the back of the cargo truck. After breaking out, Keller and him fight. Keller is about to deliver the death strike when Peter comes and fights Keller. Neal then finds a gun and shoots Keller in the leg. The next day, Neal walks into the office the next day and is ready to confess he stole the treasure, cut Keller delivered still visible, but cleaned up. Before he can Peter shows him a video of Keller confessing to the crime to the Russian government. Peter is pulled aside by Diana. She hands him a folder stating that Neal can be a free man in 3 months, due to his good work in the White Collar division and "helping" to find the treasure.

Rick brings Andrea inside the prison. She insists she's on their side, but Rick has his doubts: "We had that field, courtyard, until your boyfriend tore down the fence with a truck and shot us up," he says. She begs Rick to work out a peaceful agreement, but Hershel doubts the Governor has any desire to negotiate.

That evening, Beth begins to sing "Hold On" by Tom Waits as the group wind down in their cell block. Rick tells Daryl and Hershel that he's taking Michonne and Carl on a run for more guns the next day. Rick welcomes Daryl back but warns him "Keep an eye on your brother," he says. "If he causes a problem, it's on you."

But that might be a moot point because--shock!--just as Buck was preparing a gross jar to put Paige's heart in, she popped up and stabbed him in the leg. A scrap ensued, and just as he was about to stab her, she clocked him with a mallet over and over and over. She escaped whatever murder hatch he had her in, destination unknown, but he's still down there and presumed dead. You'd have to be after taking that many blows, right? We suppose weirder things have happened on TV and he could still pop up alive, but in the meantime let's just assume Buck's disappearance is going to send Sunny into a sort of shock spiral that can only end with her in cuffs as an accessory. 041b061a72


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