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Google Диск: скачать и установить приложение для работы с файлами

This feature will automatically create archive files for you to download once it has been completed. To see how much storage space you are currently using, you can use the link for скачать

Under Customized behaviors, click Add. In the resulting popup, type in the Site field, click the checkbox for Including third-party cookies on this site, and click Add. Once you've taken care of that, close the Settings tab.

Determine the Google Drive folder's ID. For that, go inside the folder to download, using the web client. Now look at the URL in the browser's address bar, it will show something like _OwkDsUIgFWXA1B2FPQfV5S8H. Obtain the string behind the last / and copy it to your clipboard. That's the folder's ID.


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